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Artist Statement:


I’m an artist living and working in Wales, interrogating a sense of place and the boundary systems and borders we create. I am exploring constructed systems of power in relation to fragile systems across natural and psychological landscapes.


I’m interested in making connections between the political and the personal, between the intimate spaces we occupy in the real world but also in our inner worlds and online spaces.


Often drawn to using organic materials that come from the earth such as ice, salt, clay, wax and glass to explore ideas of transformation. The futile act of casting with ice, recording ice in its melting state, sculpting with salt, observing the cycles of change are alchemical processes I commit to, before translating them via Augmented Reality, sculpture, film, photography, sound, installation or performance. 


My resultant works reflect themes of time and temporality, reflecting and speculating upon processes embodied in nature to help us relate our human experience to it.




Davies completed her Masters with Distinction at Manchester School of Art (2013) and subsequently co-founded StudioMADE a cross-disciplinary studio within Wales.


Her work has been exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions such as S12 Galleri Bergen, Norway, V2 Lab for the Unstable Media, Netherlands, Pontio Arts & Innovation, Bangor and Meno Parkas Galerija, Kaunas, Lithuania.


Selected awards include Arts Council of Wales Creative Wales Award (2018/19), ESRC Impact Accelerator Account at Bangor University (2018), Innovate UK (2017) for Light Choreographies, A-N Time & Space Bursary and New Collaborations Bursary for participation in ISEA14.


She has held residencies at National Theatre Wales (2018), HOME Manchester (2017), Pervasive Media Studio Bristol (current), Cadw (2014-17). With commissions undertaken for Arts Council of Wales, the National Trust and BBC Connected Studios with NESTA. Her work is within both public and private collections.

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