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StudioMADE was launched in 2015 by co-founders Mark Eaglen and Angela Davies. It is a creative laboratory working across the disciplines of Art, Science, Technology and Nature.


A hybrid platform combining an active studio space and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Discoveries are shared within a programme of events exploring connections through exhibition, public and educational programmes.

Since its launch StudioMADE have worked with BBC Connected Studios with NESTA and Arts Council Wales, The Superposition at the Lowry, with commissions from Wireless in Wales Museum, support from local organisations - Denbigh Council, Grwp Cynefin and Menter Iath.

Archive of Events


MOD COMM(unication)S (2018)

studio mod comms.png
studio mod comms.png




Commissioned by the Wireless in Wales Museum, StudioMADE have created interactive sculptures that transmit light and sound between people and places. 

As part of Cadw Open Doors, the studio celebrated the origins of radio transmission, the production and manufacturing of radio components and the wider context of communication. 

More details to follow.


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StudioMADE presents…GLYPH


Inspired by Thomas Gee, the significance of Gwasg Gee print works and the celebration of printed communication across Wales, the studio developed the Dinbych alphabet. Formed by a collection of letter shapes and forms found in and around the town.  These have been sourced from different locations within the town, capturing the detail of the contour of a window, the angle of a rooftop, a fragment of a building, rooflines and map tracings.


During the Cadw Open Doors event the public were invited to explore interactive printmaking techniques, to create a reflection upon Dinbych’s past, present and future. Public engagement and their contributions formed a valued part of the creative process. 


This is part of an ongoing exploration and further details can be found here: Glyph_Dinbych on Instagram:





studio dwr.png





An interactive audio visual exploration of water, celebrating different states of water and the social, cultural and environmental value of water. 


studio carriage 2.jpg
Notations Installation.jpg
studio carriage.jpg
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Notations 1864: Sound Sculpture Installation with interactive performances by Jessica Robinson and Rhiannon Pritchard.

Shared spaces over time, ideas of transit both physical and temporal have encouraged our approach to the installation of traditional carriage parts. The performances are set to evoke the rich history of the Carriageworks building and memories of its past and the poetic potential of the carriage and speculations upon the future. 


The carriage parts are suspended to suggest a musical score, their shapes are elegant and posses a flow that alludes to music. These are connected to contact microphones and an echo unit, allowing each piece to be struck and played. The layering of the resulting sounds celebrates the material qualities and is suggestive of the rhythm of movement associated with the carriage.

Three improvised movements by pianist and soprano singer Jessica Robinson and Rhiannon Pritchard, reflect on past, present and future uses of the space including; The forge, The Carriageworks and Studio MADE.

Curated and Produced by Mark Eaglen and Angela Davies, with support from North Wales International Music Festival, Music Hear Now. 


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studio made.jpg
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