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Light on Time

A research journey into the architectural framework of Chirk Castle and geological sculpted landscape that occupies the area around the castle has been translated within the exhibition Golau. Between October and January, I explored and navigated the heritage site and traced Offa's Dyke path to develop a sense of place. Journeys through time and place were juxtaposed to create a layered map; Golau Map. This was used as a starting point for dialogue between creative partners during January.

I shared my experiences and research journey to direct and prompt a multi-sensory response. During which time, I was developing a response to my research - the concept of the snowdrop sympolising life and correlating to the 'snowdrop walk' which features strongly within Chirk Castle's calendar. For me, the emphasis on new beginnings was an important element to explore. I responded to the 'murder hole room' within the Adams Tower - historically, this space was used to project hot water and sand to invaders to the castle. In development of this, I etched shards of glass and assembled these fragile snowdrop structures(see image). I worked closely with Ant Dickinson for Ant to develop sound and programming to illuminate the snowdrops in the response to the sound of glass.

Francesca Simmons used the map to write a graphic score and compose a piece of music that evoked a sense of being, within the landscape and castle. For Angelina Kornecka's Butoh performance, dialogue between us had commenced in November where we began to reflect and consider how to translate themes of time. The costume designed by Paula Budd and I reflected the sculptural form of the snowdrop and depicted geometric forms that had been defined within Golau Map. These elements were beautifully captured by Karen Heald.

The sound sculptures are a response to dialogue between And and I; Ant had captured a sense of place and provoke an experience of time.

The collaborations between partners was a wonderful and rich experience, I couldn't envisage the working relationships and responses to be better.

These immersive experiences can be experienced at Chirk Castle until 31st March, go see for yourselves!

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