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Projects written, managed and curated/co-curated.

Golau, 2014

An Arts Council of Wales and National Trust supported project and exhibition at Chirk Castle, Wales. In progression to the Arts Council funded research project Marking Time. In response to the research, creative practitioners were invited to respond to Davies's vision for the exhibition and performance within the castle. For more details follow here...

A Sense of Place, 2012

Image: Nicki Prosser


An open art exhibition was organised in response to A Sense of Place, within the People's Market, Wrecsam. The focus was to utilise empty spaces within the existing town’s market to bring a creative culture to the town and to consider the 'sensory landscape of the city' (Charles Landry), using social sculpture to coordinate a network of interaction. 


For the opening event it encompassed local artists for 'live art' experiences, a flash mob performance by Wrexham Community choir, performances by local musicians including Victorian Hardware, local businesses promoting locally based produce. Thus all contributing to a multi sensory experience for the month long exhibition. 

Marking Time, 2013
Studio Space, 2011

Arts Council of Wales supported research project. 


An investigation of traditional craft disciplines and creative technologies were explored in response to the urban landscape of Wrecsam town, to create site-responsive art works within an 'empty space' within the People's Market, Wrecsam. The purpose was to involve the public in the creative journey as a sense of 'Social Sculpture' (Joseph Beuys) and as a form of performance art.



Cyfuno was established in 2011 - from Welsh it translates to: to share, to collaborate. The aim of the project was to forge interdisciplinary relationships. The organisation aims at building and connecting communities through the arts, responding to an identity of place, which reflects locality to regenerate a sustainable arts community. 


Over a period of 6 months vacant shop spaces were occupied within 2 of the town's historical market spaces - the Butchers Market and the General Market. Initially as an experiential process, the aim was to utilise empty shop spaces as studio space to generate site specific artwork and secondly, through Helfa Gelf open studio art trail, involving other artists in the process.


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