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Golau (ACW) Chirk Castle

Eirlysiau, 2014                       Live Performance

                                      Angelina Kornecka, 2014

Golau (Light) presents the conclusion to a residency by Angela Davies. This was an Arts Council Wales funded project undertaken at Ruthin Craft Centre. Themes of time and place were explored in response to the architectural framework and the geologically sculpted landscape of Chirk Castle. 


Intrinsic to this residency, was the collaboration between artists working from different disciplines; 


- Angelina Kornecka Butoh Dancer

- Karen Heald Artist and Film Maker

- Francesca Simmons Multi-Instrumental Performer

- Ant Dickinson Musician, Sound Designer & Technologist

- Paula Budd Costume Designer


The artists were invited to participate in Angela Davies’s thematic. This served to generate multi-sensory and multidisciplinary responses to the memory of place, resulting in a number of site-specific installation and performative works that emulated her response to the castle and experience of the landscape.





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