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    'Time present and time past

     Are both perhaps present in time future...'

     Burnt Norton Four Quartets, T S Eliot


The work conveys an emerging cultural dialogue between past and present. The relationship between land and mythology is explored to create ecological, ephemeral light-installations with the intersection of architectural, sculptural and organic form. 


The message of marking time is achieved through manipulating space and using textiles, particularly lace. This fine open fabric provides a technical and historical framework. Lace is fragile, desirable and precious and occupies a territory, a threshold of space. It contains a pattern, structure and order, a cultural narrative, that of the people that worked collaboratively within communities to create it. These elements are explored, re-interpreting the lace to act as a metaphor, investigating and mapping the traces of human activity - across Offa's Dyke.


Hand cut and laser cut silk lace screens are installed with light systems to evoke movement, light and shadow. The concept of human error within the artwork amplifies the human touch and the handmade. The juxtaposition of tradition with new methods of technological processes interconnects the concept of marking time with past and present to illuminate an illusion of a future. To challenge the position of craft through engaging with materiality to create a new material that epitomises the defining characteristics of lace. The machine works as a tool and maps the hand drawn, it has become the shadow of the pencil, the shadow of the past.  


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