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Gawthorpe Textiles Collection Residency





Tracing Time, 2014


Tracing Time - is a collaborative lace installation created during the residency at Gawthorpe Hall (2013). The piece draws upon the traditional craft of lace making and a methodology of collaborative working - reflective of the lace making community. This was motivated by research into the historical collection of Honiton Bobbin Lace within the collection archives. This fine open fabric provides a technical and historical framework and the imperfection of trimmings and rose motifs illuminates the handmade processes.


To engage the public in the collection and the art of lace making, a selection of Honiton Bobbin Lace was selected and exhibited within the library during the Hall’s open days. The aim was to encourage visitors to reflect on the collection, the local environment and the heritage of Gawthorpe Hall; to create a contemporary lace silk motif. This in its very nature underpinned Rachel Kay Shuttleworth's vision of connecting a creative community through engaging in craft disciplines. The act of knotting and twisting threads marked the visitors place in time. These motifs were then interwoven into a framework to contribute to the lace installation. The framework references the library, perceived as the heart of the craft community within Gawthorpe.


Hand constructed silk and laser cut silk lace motifs have been installed with a light system to evoke movement, light and shadow. Through audience interaction, the lace illuminates the craft practices; the light acts as a metaphor for connecting people outside, in; to bring the past alive into the present, through responding to the space and archival material. The concept of human error within the artwork amplifies the human touch and the handmade. 

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