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A one minute showreel and a video installation.


The piece considers perspectives on our shifting horizons, reimagining place and acting as a microcosm for wider environment implications. The work reflects upon ideas of emergence: operating across the human body, technology and in response to natural systems. 




Recorded during the Autumnal equinox, Aequus was filmed from above and is of the air; an intimate perspective framed upon the lido pool - an empty body of water. The piece considers the social and geopolitical, alluding to entropy systems in relation to industry, energy transference and recreation. 


Drawing upon contexts of synchronicity present within Busby Berkeley’s Human Waterfall, the movement here is formed by the dichotomy between manmade structures and natural forces. These constructs have led and shaped the choreography towards ideas of emergence through intra-action.  

The evolving entangled relations between individual and social bodies suggest a sense of prosopopoeia, a space where nymphs in Greek myth personify and protect non-human entities. The work provides a lens through which we are able to reimagine futures, marking the intersections of what lies beyond these new horizons. What is equal, what is inherited and who inherits.

Cerbytu - social prescribing co-creation


Cerbytu - 


Creative inquiry around the Trwsio Repair Cafe concept and renewable energies. We are reappropriating discarded electronics and other objects to create new forms, devices/energy systems.

The project considers the evolution of textiles and wool production in Wales as a means to consider

regenerative futures. We are drawing upon local knowledge, past, present and possible future energy systems.

The group are fixers at the local Repair Cafe made up of engineers, an architect, psychologist and artist/makers. Some of the fixers have gone through a social prescribing referral scheme.


The development of this activity took around 6 months to establish. The group have been meeting since early autumn and we are interested in engaging in this project over a longer period and would like to involve more members from the community to consider intergenerational perspectives. Further funding has been secured to develop the project up until the end of the year.

I have been considering modelling this into a research inquiry as a toolkit that can be adopted by other communities. 

HybuDinbych Energy Talks


IMG_0236 2.JPG
8. Angela Davies.JPG

I have been working with a  group of women made up of a Social worker, a teacher, care worker and artist, from the local area to consider future energy systems within Denbigh.


To initiate dialogue within the local community we facilitated a screening of The Oil Machine at Theatr Twm O’r Nant in Dinbych followed by a discussion around core themes, 80 people attended and there was a follow up conversation around dependencies on oil. 

I facilitated a further follow up discussion at studioMADE with guest speakers and creative activity around community owned energy. With speakers from Deg Cymru and Energy Service Wales sharing examples of community owned energy initiatives in Wales and guidance on how to develop this with government support. 


I have organised a follow up workshop with Energy Service Wales to discuss the next steps - a feasibility study for community owned energy in Denbigh.

Creative outputs

Visualisation of video installation

3D mapping and AR explorations

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