Temps Ecrasé, 2020


Giclee Print, 60 x 50 cm


The work comments on lamenting an absence, it meditates on life cycles and the transition and slippage between states. It draws upon the correlation of what happens in nature and the body. The precise staging of the ice destabilised or frozen in time can be related to a global movement. The act of observing the magnitude of events from a distance, immobilised, unable to prevent the natural forces that prevail. The recollection, episodic in nature summons an intimacy to the work.


The work references the Okeanos river in Greek Mythology where the ocean is believed to encircle the Earth and heaven to connect to other realms. Transitioning between these two continents bear a liminal relationship to each other where absence manifests itself in the non-material.



This work was realised through the support of a-n Time and Space Bursary and Arts Council Wales Stabilisation Fund

© 2021 by Angela Davies